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Cro Cop arrived in Seoul due to media obligations

  • Written by  Ivan Abramović
Cro Cop arrived in Seoul due to media obligations

Mirko Filipović arrived early this morning in the Seoul the capital of South Korea due to promotional activities upcoming his next fight.

Also, together with him arrived Stipe Drviš who recorded the welcome of Croatian MMA fighter at the airport. As Filipović greeted by a large number of journalists, Drviš took the opportunity to joke with him and he shouted a side that he was greeted like a movie star.

Mirko's next fight is scheduled on 23 November in Seoul on UFC Fight Night against Anthony Hamilton. The reason why Hamilton, but not some of the fighters from the "revenge list" is that they are not available due to injuries so the next fight had to wait until 2016, which is very long to wait.

>> Cro Cop started his preparation for the next fight with Hamilton

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