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The lucky winners are...

  • Written by  Ivan Abramović
The lucky winners are...

The award was T-shirt "Mirko Cro Cop", and the question was who would win in a fight between Werdum and Velasquez, the way the fight will finish, in which round, and in which minute, but also a condition of participation was to share this article to your Facebook profile.

To the great surprise of many Fabricio Werdum defeated Cain Velasquez in the 3rd round of 2nd minute and (perhaps surprisingly) by the guillotine. Because of this, a small number of answers to this question was that Werdum will win the match.

There were a lot of answers very close to goal outcomes, for example, some have guessed it would be the 3rd round of 2nd minute, but predicted it would be a TKO, while others guessed that Werdum will win by submission in the 3rd round of 3rd minute, etc.

Yet here we will single out only those that hit the exact result, because these were the rules of this competition.

So, the lucky winners of "MIRKO CRO COP" T-shirt are: Fran Šalat, Branimir Lokmer and Ivica Garić. Congratulations!


Interesting, all three winners are from Croatia, and no one else was able to guess the correct outcome. Maybe it's because everyone remembers Werdum when he was training with Cro Cop, and when they actually see his remarkable abilities, there was no doubt how Werdum is actually a great fighter, and in particular that stands out as a top BJJ fighter.

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