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Cro Cop returned to Croatia with IGF belt and interviewed by Nova TV

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Mirko Filipovic returned from Japan to Croatia on Thursday evening after the very attractive fight with Satoshi Ishii and earned a public praise, but also a new interesting offers.

He returned peaceful and happy and gave the autographs to the Japanese fans. For a fighter there is no more beautiful entry into the New year than with a new champion's belt.

(VIDEO) Cro Cop knocked out Ishii with his legendary high kick and defended the IGF belt!

"Yes, this was a really nice New Year for me. It was a special evening, not just because of the fight, but also of the environment in which it took place. They were my friends from Pride, like Fedor, Wanderlei Silva, Josh Barnett and it was really a wonderful atmosphere. The hall was filled to the last place and there's a beautiful evening", said Mirko Filipović exclusively for Nova TV.

And he finished it in a wonderful way with a left high kick, his greatest weapon.

"I managed to find an opportunity, to jounced him a bit, so I came up with hands and finished, although he was done with a high kick", he said.

Cro Cop knockout chimed in all major martial arts media, but it seems that this shot ringed in Ishii's ears for a long time too.

"Yes, before leaving, I wondered whether Ishii was well. They say that after the match he vomited for hours in the gym, so he went to the hospital. I hope he will be OK. I really do not want to hurt anyone in a serious way, because that's not my goal, however, since it's a sporting competition there is always a risk", said Cro Cop.

At the end of the match there was a mini incident in the ring. On a journalist's question what exactly happened and why did Fujita went in the face, Cro Cop said: "Oh, I do not know. People ask me this from all sides. He started to get in the face and I could see by gestures, since I did not understand what he said, because I do not understand Japanese, that Fujita tries to insult, so at one point I had enough and I simply pushed him away", said Cro Cop.

Many saw the incident as the best possible arrangement just for the match with Fujita, but Mirko denies it.

"There are many offers, thank God, but the route planning is not known yet", he replied. "No, I don't know anything yet. I don't know what's in the calendar either. I got some offers, another organization called. I'll see what will all be."

When journalist asked Cro Cop how much does it mean for him about the people he meet and who wanted to get photographed with him, how much does he need their support, Cro Cop answered: "I think every man is glad to have the support, especially in his own country. I also have the overwhelming support in Japan too. I really feel very good and it's the best possible entry into the New Year," concluded Filipović.

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